MTN Call Assist gives you the freedom to manage your incoming calls
  • Reduce your workload with automated call handling
  • Improve productivity. Receive alerts by SMS, Email and Google Talk
  • Give a good impression of your business with greeting messages, announcements and ads
  • Visual 100%
    See who called and access their voice messages left for you
  • Phone Lost or dead battery?
    Check online who called and left a voice message. Also listen to voice messages in portal or download them on your computer
  • Notification Email and SMS
    Set your preferences as you want
  • Get a studio quality audio of your greeting messages
    Type your text and let MTN Call Assist convert it into a professional greeting
  • Speak the language of your customer
    Communicate in English, German, Polish and Portuguese (more languages ​​coming soon)
  • Change your greetings and announcements as frequently as you want
    Save time by notifying your callers in advance of service updates
  • Manage your business using mobile phones
    Forward your incoming calls to any number in the world
  • Enjoy the freedom to work from everywhere
    Work from home or office; your caller will never know
  • Manage workload of your team
    Divert calls to your colleagues if you are busy
  • Populates Automatically
    Contact number of every caller is saved automatically
  • Group your callers
    Set different greetings for different groups
  • Busy somewhere and can't take the call?
    Forward it to your colleague